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Enjoy our sales promotion now and play with the best material for a long time again

Enjoy our promotion now and play with the best material for a long time again

The more you buy, the bigger the discount you receive. So why wait and buy today with up to 30% discount



Goalkeeper Gloves

Professional Goalkeeper Gloves

With our top quality goalkeeper gloves we help you make your dream come true.

Professional Goalkeeper Protection Wear

Avoid injuries or turf burns

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Protection Undershirt Extreme

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Protection Undershirt

Protection Shirt



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Tips & tricks

We take you inside and tell you more about the existence of goalkeeper gloves.

Goalkeeper glove: The origin and development

I would like to start this blog with a "cliche". You may hear it from your grandfather's mouth or [...]

Take off your goalkeeper gloves. How do you do that?

Week after week we have to watch with sad eyes how goalkeepers often take off their goalkeeper gloves. Often this has become a habit because no one has pointed [...]

Reflexes of a goalkeeper, how can you improve them?

The ability to often perform an incredible, seemingly impossible, reflex is what separates a good goalkeeper from a great [...]



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