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Tijn Van Ingelgom

Current club: KRC Genk
Previous Club: KV Mechelen

How did you decide to go goalkeeping?

Maybe you recognise yourself in Tijn Van Ingelgom his story. You would like to try it too, standing in the goal and you do it once in a while at training or on the field with your friends. However, your parents are not keen on it. Your mum might think it is too dangerous and your dad would rather see you working on the pitch. So you try to make use of the few chances you get to give it a try. This was also the case with Tijn, who had been waiting for his parents to come and watch his match.

And so it happened and a new goalkeeper was born. The feeling of being a goalkeeper can be described with very little. It is something you don’t become. You just are!

Which goalkeepers are you looking at?

We have already mentioned it several times. When we look at our great examples, we often see a goalkeeper we can find ourselves in. Who we think has the same qualities.

The great example is none other than one of our national goalkeepers, Thibaut Courtois. Not many are given to break through at a very young age and get the chance to play matches at the highest level, but at 16 he was already between the posts for the first team of KRC Genk.

You can’t miss it at the game. Tijn Van Ingelgom will usually stand head and shoulders above the majority of his peers. Yes you hear it coming. It’s easy, but this height has its advantages, but also disadvantages. It is up to you as a goalkeeper to use these advantages and work hard to make the disadvantages better.

How would you describe yourself as a goalkeeper?

As already mentioned, Tijn’s height is a huge advantage on high balls. Just like his role model, he is not afraid to pick the ball up just above your head during a corner kick or free kick. His height also gives him a good advantage in 1 on 1 situations. By not being afraid and not falling backwards, he has a great range which the striker has to get past.

We would also like to share with you a remarkable statement. A few months ago, we had the opportunity to accompany the goalkeeper during a training session with Tom Soetaers, who also has a history with KRC Genk. He told the players that nobody remembers a player because he was a bit good at this or a bit good at that. No, the players who get recognition are often players who are good at something. That is why he advised the players to build on what they are good at, to excel at it.

What do you think is the most important quality of a goalkeeper?

Footwork is very important in modern football. Just about every club, every scout looks at the technical side of a goalkeeper’s feet. If you are working at an elite level, you will surely know that KRC Genk is known for having feet almost as a priority on their goalkeeper’s wish list. Tijn Van Ingelgom admits that his footwork did not score the best marks on his evaluation. That is why he and his team & trainers took up the challenge to become a footballing playable goalkeeper. Therefore, they now train very hard almost every day on the various “get-out” movements as well as the opening turn. Having an idea of where you need to go beforehand does not only help you to stay calm in difficult circumstances, it also ensures that you can put the ball in the right position to switch and play in quickly.

How do you prepare yourself and your gloves for a match?

Starting the day calmly is a must. Why seek stress immediately? Waking up calmly with a nice healthy breakfast and an extensive shower can only help you relax in the run-up to your match. On the way to the club, sing along, chill out with the music and forget about everything that is coming. Once they arrive at the club, they don’t get much of a chance to stress out. First, there is a tactical discussion to which you have to give your full focus so that you know what is expected of you. As goalkeeper, you have to be extra attentive, because you also have to know what is expected from the players in front of you and that you can adjust if something goes wrong.

After the discussion, we can calmly change clothes and go onto the field. As a goalkeeper you often have a routine of warming up and it is no different for Tijn.

What are the most important characteristics you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

As a goalkeeper, your gloves are the most important working material. Even more important than making the right choice in footwear before the game. When you have confidence in your gloves, e.g. because of a good pick-up ball during the warm-up, you will take this with you to the match. Tijn himself is looking for a flexible glove with a good grip that lasts. The feeling has to be right! His favourite gloves at the moment are the Dolphin and the Ghost. This way he has the right goalkeeper gloves for every situation.

What is one memory you will always remember from football?

As a goalkeeper, you often remember that one match that you made a great save. Of course, most people have forgotten that a few weeks later. When you are named best goalkeeper of the international tournament in Roubaix, it is a memory that will last forever thanks to the trophy. Of course, the images of these matches like the one at this tournament will stay in your memory forever. At the Roubaix tournament, she played the final against none other than Benfica. At such tournaments, it is not obvious to reach the final. Here, they have to pass PSG in the semi-final. A final on the track of Roubaix with hundreds of spectators and even Bengal fire. Unforgettable.

What do you like to do when it’s not football?

As an Elite player, much is expected of you from a young age. You often have to make sacrifices to continue playing at this level. The road to a professional career is still long. That is why the moments outside of football, especially now in times of corona, are mainly filled with running and cycling on the racing bike to maintain the condition.

But a good athlete also needs sufficient rest. At these times you should go online and see if you can’t play a game against Tijn on the PlayStation.

Any advice you can give to young goalkeepers who are trying to break through?

Always give 100% in everything you do, even if it doesn’t work the first time. Work hard and enjoy the game!

Which models did he choose?

Tijn does not hesitate and chooses the best affordable quality available on the market. No compromise on quality or price. Among other things, he chose the following models. Do you also want to work with these professional goalkeeper gloves?

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