Goalkeeper gloves without wrist closure

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These days you see them regularly on the soccer fields appear the gloves without velcro closure. This has become a craze in recent months, especially in the youth bite beetles. Of course, these gloves offer a lot of advantages. They are super light and fit very tightly around your hands making them very nice to wear during your workouts and competitions.

However, there are also a lot of drawbacks. We have watched a lot of matches of goalkeepers at the highest level. Despite that, we haven’t seen many goalkeepers in the highest soccer classes who wear these gloves during their matches.

There is one simple explanation for this. What you often don’t see is that these goalkeepers always put extra protection around their fingers and wrist under their goalkeeper gloves.
This extra protection ensures that the fingers and wrists can absorb the extra shocks of the stairs and will cause fewer injuries. However, you can see that these professional and amateur goalkeepers use this extra protection as injury prevention. Injuries are often caused by persistent overloading of muscles or joints. This means that the wrists can also become overburdened or painful due to multiple shocks. However, the only solution is rest.

Goalkeeper Gloves without Closure

So it’s up to you to choose what you prefer. If you want light gloves that fit very tightly around your hands, you can opt for a goalkeeper’s glove without a wrist closure. However, if you would like to keep your injuries free for a longer period of time, we advise you to choose a goalkeeper’s glove with a wrist closure. Better to prevent than to heal.

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