Sem Verherstraeten

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Sem Verherstraeten

Current Team: STVV
Previous Team: OH Leuven
Birthday: 24/01/2011

Why did you become a goalkeeper?

We at Prostar Goalkeeping know Sem Verherstraeten from before there was talk of our own brand of goalkeeper gloves. A jovial and cheerful young man who likes nothing more than to be in the goal.  How could it be otherwise when your dad is not only your biggest hero, but also your biggest idol. When you see your own daddy playing, it is not surprising that you quickly get the bug and don’t have parents nagging you to not become a goalie after all :-).  The garden was soon transformed with a goal so that Sem could enjoy himself to his heart’s content in what would become his territory.

With which famous goalkeeper would you like to compare yourself and why?

As a 10-year old, it is of course not so obvious to look up to goalkeepers as an idol is often an extension of who you are as a goalkeeper and at this age you still need to develop your own style. Nevertheless, there are moments like the last European Championship where everyone is glued to the TV to admire the best goalkeepers of the tournament. There was much admiration for Donnarumma and Sem hopes to become as good as this classy goalkeeper.

You have always been a high playing goalkeeper. For this you must be technically well versed. Do you also train in technique?

Playing football is a quality you have to have as a goalkeeper nowadays. Just catching balls is not enough anymore to be allowed to work at a high level. So Sem Verherstraeten went as U7 to the technique school at FIDO. The footballing qualities together with the passion for goalkeeping did not go unnoticed and so Sem soon joined OHL at the elite level. It is often unseen that at such a young age a permanent goalkeeper is chosen, but Sem deserved this more than anyone.

Because there is often no permanent goalkeeper yet and because you need to improve your footballing techniques at that age, as a goalkeeper you often have to do the same exercises as the field players during team training. This helps to improve your technique and speed.

At STVV a goalkeeper is expected to play high up. During both goalkeeper and team training sessions we work on the goalkeeper’s role as a goalkeeper.

What are the main characteristics you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

Goalkeeper gloves are like football boots for a field player the most important working material. They have to fit like a glove and absorb the force of the ball. The thickness of the latex, which provides the cushioning, often indicates the better quality of the gloves.

Because of the thickness, you often have to deal with a better latex in terms of durability but also in terms of grip, which is the most important thing when you play at Elite level. Good goalkeeper gloves with a good fit and finish give you even more confidence in yourself as a goalkeeper.

What is your biggest boyhood dream?

Even though the road to becoming a professional footballer is still quite long, every little boy dreams of one day becoming a professional goalkeeper and playing for a big team in a big league.

And if I can really dream, I want to be elected the best goalkeeper in the world one day.

Sem Verherstraeten chose the following goalkeeper gloves from our collection

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