Rami Polfliet

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Rami Polfliet

Current club: Beerschot-Wilrijk
Previous Club: Berchem Sport
Birthday: 26/09/2005

How did you decide to play soccer, especially as a goalkeeper?

Let’s start by sketching how we know Rami Ben Brahem Polfliet today. In our vernacular, we know Rami as someone who is busy with the ball day and night, and if possible would go to sleep with it. People who have known him for a long time will already confirm to us that this hasn’t changed at all and that he is still the same person. Every break at school, every free Wednesday afternoon, every free weekend, in short, every moment Rami has free, you can find him somewhere between the goalposts. If it is not with his favorite Berchem Sport then it is the friends in the park or on a square to practice his beloved chosen hobby.

Which goalkeepers do you admire?

Kepa, one of Rami’s idols, most of us know from the scene that his coaches wanted to change him, but he himself refused and remained stubborn. Yet Kepa is much more than that. In 2018 Chelsea brought this goalkeeper to England for a sloppy 80 million euros. Which at that time made him the most expensive goalkeeper. Not bad for 23 years anyway. Of course Chelsea didn’t pay this amount just like that, but because they saw potential in this goalkeeper. That’s how he was able to come up with some really tough numbers.

The Bask sent 368 successful long passes last season. Of the 223 short passes, no less than 221 arrived. Kepa is also known for his great reflexes. Especially when the opponent is by the defense. He made no less than 64 saves within the sixteen last season. In addition, he stopped two of the three penalty kicks he gave up last season.

How would you define yourself as a goalkeeper?

Footballing qualities can only be improved by training on them. And admit it, as a goalkeeper, do you like it when you have to do all those technical exercises with your teammates? Still, Rami Ben Brahem Polfliet has been able to develop his technique enormously by playing soccer on squares. You often see street soccer players are often very technical and as a goalkeeper you can certainly learn something from them. As a goalkeeper he loves to go to every ball whether it’s reflexes, a pick ball or a nice dive towards the shop hook. As a goalkeeper, you have to master them all as best you can, because imagine you are making a nice save, but you can’t pick a single cross, so there are regular runs against goals there? That is why it is important as a goalkeeper to keep working on everything and become stronger.

What do you think is the most important quality a goalkeeper should have?

As a goalkeeper, you’re not only the final piece of equipment that has to save in tricky situations, but you’re also a coach, a motivator when things are going a little less. As a goalkeeper, try to keep your stress under control at all times Not always that simple, but certainly don’t try to convey it to your teammates. Stress is a very bad advisor!

Did you expect your career as a goalkeeper to be as it is at the moment?

Rami Ben Brahem Polfliet is active at Berchem Sport which is in 2nd amateur series. The youth series of his favorite team can be found between the IP rankings. One of the differences between Elite and IP is e.g. that the elite teams already play at u13 11 against 11 on big goals. The goalkeepers on the IP level are just a bit luckier in that respect that it takes place at a year older. Nevertheless the year older this remains an adjustment for each goalkeeper. One in which you can improve every match and/or training. Choosing your position to completely shield that big goal or to make sure that you can just tip that high ball under the bar. One by one, which often learns from the experience of standing there!

How do you prepare yourself and your gloves for a competition?

No separate pair of goalkeeper gloves for Rami, he rather relies on the pair of gloves that gives him confidence throughout the week. It’s a goalkeeper to goalkeeper choice, but we keep saying it. Don’t let anything impose itself on you, do what you feel good about as a goalkeeper, which gives you confidence. Because if you have confidence, you will radiate it.

Rami’s gloves are carefully stored in Prostar’s glove bag. In this way he can take them out before the match or training and wet them a little to get the optimal grip.

And how many gloves do you usually wear each year?

Rami Ben Brahem Polfliet certainly needs a lot of gloves because of the busy life of squares, parks and his football club. Yet he always tries to keep his last pairs for soccer. Other couples who may have a poor grip, but are not completely worn out yet, can serve in the leisure time in the parks or on the squares. Depending on the wear and tear, he looks season by season at how many pairs of goalkeeper gloves he needs.

Which brands did you play with before you discovered Prostar?

That often varied from select to uhlsport to unknown brands and sometimes real.

Why did you start playing with ProStar or are you still playing with ProStar and didn’t you go back to a well known brand?

As with many products Rami heard a lot of positive things through another goalie who played with Prostar (Mats Verhulst) and started to get interested in the brand. That’s how it happened and he ordered the first pair of gloves to see if the “unknown new brand” was something. But it was clear, it didn’t take long before he had decided for himself what these gloves had to offer. He thinks the quality and model of all goalkeeper gloves are top notch and they fit very well and have an excellent grip, that’s why he doesn’t see why he should change brands right away. When you have the best, you shouldn’t look for better.

What is the hardest thing for a goalie?

A goalkeeper has to be mentally very strong. He can make 3 world savvies in a match but still make a blunder and that’s what will be watched most of all. The goalkeeper has to carry and lead the team because only he has an overview of the entire field.

Finally, what advice would you give a young goalkeeper?

Try to come to the training sessions and goalkeeper training as often as possible, because that’s where you learn a lot and work on your lesser points. In your spare time, go and play to nearby squares because there your technique will improve and you will sometimes pick up balls from boys of an older age or get tips from players who play at a higher level.

Which models did he choose?

Rami does not hesitate and chooses the best affordable quality available on the market. No compromise on quality or price. Among other things, he chose the following models. Do you also want to work with these professional goalkeeper gloves?

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