Mehdi Ben Amar

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Mehdi Ben Amar

Current club: KSC Lokeren-Temse

Why did you become a goalkeeper?

Football is a game where goalkeepers quickly find their way. There are only a few exceptions who only discover at a later age how much fun it can be to be a goalkeeper. With Mehdi, however, that did not last long. It was from his first game that he knew what his destination would be. Where he would most like to play for the rest of his football career. A new goalkeeper had emerged!

Which famous goalkeeper would you compare yourself to and why?

Marc-André Ter stegen perhaps one of the most popular goalkeepers in the world. Someone who just has the enormous “bad luck” that someone like Manuel Neuer does not exist to be under the bar of the German national team. Unfortunately, due to his knee operation, he is not even on the squad for this European Championship in 2021. Now Mehdi Ben Amar is full of admiration for this goalkeeper just because he has fantastic reflexes.

What are the main characteristics you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

Mehdi Ben Amar will also play for KSC Lokeren-Temse next season. A club that plays at Interprovincial level, but certainly has the qualities to make it back to the highest level of our Belgian youth academies in the short term. So as a player of this club, you have to be prepared to make steps in the very short term. So it starts as a goalkeeper with your equipment where you have to make sure you have goalkeeper gloves with good grip. When the durability is also super, you can kill two birds with one stone. Goalkeeper gloves without a wrist closure are not for Mehdi. These gloves are now so tight that you cannot get them on and off so easily.

You had the opportunity to train for a year with Arvid, who is from Elite level, how can you learn from someone like that?

If you have just come to our ambassadors page, we recommend you to read the story of Arvid Vermorgen. In the past, more specifically at the U7, both goalies have played together. In the meantime, Arvid has had several years at Elite level, so he has undoubtedly had trainers who look at the smaller details, but who can help you take a giant step forward. It is also nice to see that both goalies do not see each other as competition and want to share their tips with each other to make each other better. For example, he learned how to cross with his instep instead of two feet. The extra length that you can achieve by stepping in and then pushing off is enormous and can decide whether he will make that one save just wide of the post or not.

What is your big dream, what do you want to be later on?

It’s great to see the youngsters dreaming and working to maybe one day make those dreams come true. For Mehdi Ben Amar it is the same and his biggest dream is to play for the Belgian national team one day. And if he can go one step further, to stop the crucial penalty shootout in the World Cup finals. Delightful after all.

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