Lyano Thys

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Lyano Thys

Current Team: Fortuna Sittard
Previous Team: Kvk Wellen
Birthday: 07-03-2010

Why did you become a goalkeeper?

When we become goalkeepers, we all have one big role model that we look up to. In most cases it will be a famous goalkeeper that we see on TV every week making great saves, but in a smaller number of cases it will be our father. There are very few goalkeepers whose dad has been a goalkeeper himself, which makes it a little harder to understand why you want to fill that position on the pitch so badly. In the case of Lyano Thys, goalkeeping has been handed down from the start and you are proud that your dad is your biggest idol, but also your own biggest supporter.

Which famous goalkeeper would you compare yourself to and why?

We are going to start a bit atypical, Lyano himself from Maasmechelen, but playing in the Netherlands is a big supporter of Club Brugge, then you would expect that in times that Simon Mignolet is under the bar there that would be his biggest idol, but nothing is less true. His great rival at the Red Devils, Thibaut Coirtois, is the great example of Lyano Thys. Not only do they resemble each other in looks, but also in style of play. He would like to keep the same calmness as his example. He has often been the butt of newspaper headlines and has come in for a lot of criticism. To give your best week after week and become one of the best goalkeepers in the world is not given to everyone.

What are the main characteristics you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

As a goalkeeper glove brand, we can only be proud that many youth goalkeepers are not only concerned with looks, but also with how they can best protect themselves. A good wrist closure is therefore essential because it absorbs all shocks. Because Lyano does not use tape around the wrists yet, he will be less injured than necessary this way. Having said that, we will of course start with what is most important as a goalkeeper. They have to fit well and have a good grip. For the mum and dad it is important that they have a good lifespan. 3 to 4 times a week on artificial grass asks a lot from goalkeeper gloves. That’s why we prefer to spend a bit more on good quality gloves, because then we know we will need a few less during the whole season. This makes it cheaper at the end of the day.

You are embarking on a new adventure in a league you don’t know. Are you looking forward to it and what do you expect from it?

It is not only making the step from IP level in the Belgian league to the highest level. On top of that, the “type” of football in the Netherlands is quite different from that played in Belgium. Because of the step up that Lyano Thys will now make, he will be forced to adapt to the speed of this level. As a goalkeeper, you have to make mistakes and learn from them. Making the wrong choice in the end is part of that, and because of the speed he has to play at compared to the IP level, it will happen, but he has to get up and learn from those mistakes. Only by standing up again, lifting your back and getting better can you distinguish the goalkeepers who will make it.

What is your big dream, what do you want to be later on?

Club Brugge, the team of his heart, is of course a dream that has been there since a little boy. Now by being allowed to play in a Dutch team, your dreams are expanding. Just like non-athletes, dreams are always being adjusted, because a dream might be a fantasy something that is not attainable, but only through hard work you can try to make your dreams come true. Then, when you reach new goals, you have to refine your dreams so that you always have a new goal to work towards. Let the ultimate dream be Napoli and the place of his big idol in the Belgian national team.

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