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Everyone knows it, has experienced it themselves or has seen their idol on television take a penalty in the very last minutes and become the hero of the team and win the match. It is a childhood dream for many of us, because who wants to be in the limelight like that?

Now how do you do it? Of course, there is no exact science to how to stop a penalty shot, but there are some tips you can keep in mind that can help you become the hero of your team.

First the scientific figures

You know, every coach has already told you in your career, when you have to take a penalty kick, that you have to choose a corner. With a well taken penalty shot, a goalkeeper is actually without a chance. According to the rule, goalkeepers are not allowed to leave their line until the ball has been hit. If the ball is placed hard and precisely in the corner, a goalkeeper has no chance. Nevertheless, penalty shots are stopped because a player shoots too softly or because the goalkeeper sees through his movements before the ball is hit and thus chooses the right corner. The penalty statistics show that if the goalkeeper dives into the wrong corner, he almost always scores (94%). And if a player is right-legged, the chance of a goal from a shot in the right corner is 71 percent. For the weaker left corner only 59 per cent. Most players are right-legged. So perhaps the simplest tip for goalkeepers is to wait a long time before diving and to dive towards the right corner (i.e. to the left of the goalkeeper) by default. By doing so, you force them to shoot at the weaker left corner.

How to stop a penalty shot?

So far the figures. They are just assumptions and calculations about what happened in the past. I don’t remember much about what my parents gave me, but what I haven’t forgotten is that they said you should leave the past behind and look to the future. That is why we leave the numbers behind and look at how we can stop that one penalty still to be taken.

If you are still playing on smaller goals, do not gamble yet. Still rely on your reflexes and only choose a corner when the ball is kicked Why rely on your reflexes lies here. Would you like to know how to improve your reflexes? Don’t worry, we have already written about that in this blog..

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