Maintain Goalkeeper gloves

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Without any doubt, the foam is the most important part of your goalkeeper gloves. Made of latex, this layer ensures that the balls can be finely clamped. If you play on artificial grass, the goalkeeper gloves will not get dirty with sand, but of course you have this problem on natural grass. All the sand, mud and other things pull into the foam layer and make the gloves dirty. In order to maintain optimal grip every time you race or train and to improve the life of the glove, it is important to clean your goalkeeper gloves after every use. Do not you know how to get started? We explain it in several steps below.

1. Where do I clean my goalkeeper gloves?

The ideal place to clean your goalkeeper gloves is in our view a place with running water. After a training or competition there is always a place with water where you can ideally clean the goalkeeper gloves. Take your gloves with you in the shower and you immediately have 2 birds in one blow. Do you prefer it quietly. Then of course this can also be done at home at your washbasin. Now that there is a place to start cleaning, that is of course the next and most important step.

2. Clean the goalkeeper gloves

The most important step in this story is of course cleaning the goalkeeper gloves themselves. First you turn on the tap and rinse the worst dirt from the gloves. You do this by rubbing the foam with the fingers of the other hand. Smoothly rubbing back and forth without putting too much pressure on the foam. Never wring your gloves off. By wringing you cause cracks in the foam, so your glove will wear out faster. Once all dirt has been rinsed off with the running water, it is important to squeeze the remaining dirt out of the gloves. Work finger for finger and squeeze each part thoroughly under the tap. Everything done then your goalkeeper gloves are completely cleaned. Now they are often very wet, so read the next step well.

3. Drying the goalkeeper gloves

After cleaning, the goalkeeper gloves are too wet to immediately pull back. That is why drying the goalkeeper gloves is very important. Once the faucet is turned off, you repeat the process of squeezing the fingers and thereby squeeze out all the excess water. It is absolutely impossible to WRITE the goalkeeper gloves! After squeezing the fingers and the rest of the glove, moisture will most likely remain. That moisture will pull out of the glove during storage.

4. Keep goalkeeper gloves

After cleaning and drying it is important to keep the goalkeeper gloves. Often the gloves are not immediately used again and you keep them until the next training or competition. We advise to keep the gloves in a towel. The drying and storage can be combined in this way. By keeping the goalkeeper gloves in the towel, the excess moisture is pulled into the towel. PLEASE NOTE that you never let the foam of both gloves come together. Therefore wrap first one glove in a towel and then the other.

5. Preparation before use

Are your gloves neatly dry at room temperature (do not put them too close with a heating element in order to allow them to dry faster)? Then you often just need to get out of the towel to start the match. If you have rinsed your gloves well and left them, you will notice when you put the foams together. The glue has done its job and is in optimal condition to get started. So avoid making these gloves wet again just before the game!

Clean the step-by-step goalkeeper gloves

In this article we have gone through the essential steps to clean your goalkeeper gloves.
Just follow the steps in the step-by-step cleaning goalkeeper gloves. Nowadays almost every brand has brought its own product onto the market with which you can clean your goalkeeper gloves even better and with which the lifespan of your gloves is extended.

Use a place with running water to clean the goalkeeper gloves.
 Clean the goalkeeper gloves thoroughly, but never wring them out!
 Let the goalkeeper gloves dry

 Keep the goalkeeper gloves in the right way. Preferably in a towel so that they stay slightly damp.

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