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Finn Soers

Current Team: STVV
Previous Team: Kvk Wellen
Birthday: 07-03-2010

Why did you become a goalkeeper?

As is the case with most of us (goalkeepers), I also started out as a fielder with someone taking turns in goal. Unlike most of my team-mates who were reluctant to do this, I enjoyed it.
I did not see it as an obstacle to play football, but more as something extra. Namely, the possibility to make saves.
When it turned out that I also had some talent for goalkeeping, the choice was quickly made.

Which famous goalkeeper would you compare yourself to and why?

I would not directly compare myself with a famous goalkeeper. I still have a long way to go before I dare to do that :-).
But that doesn’t take away the fact that there are a lot of things that I try to learn from different famous goalkeepers to become a complete goalkeeper. Technique is very important for a goalkeeper, just like reflexes and (jumping) power. But for me, footballing ability, game insight, coaching and charisma are also indispensable for a modern goalkeeper. These are all aspects that I really try to pay attention to and that I find in various well-known goalkeepers and that I try to work on every day.

What are the main characteristics you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

Very simple: a goalkeeper’s glove has to give me confidence. It has to be an extension of my hands.

A good grip is essential and the fit is also very important. They have to fit like a glove.

Durability is of course also something that is important. Especially now that we do most of our training and matches on artificial grass, the gloves have to endure a lot. Even with good care, I wear out several pairs in a season, and it’s nice when they can take a beating.

From IP level to Elite level, are you nervous about this new step?

Not nervous at all. Mostly I am very motivated. I always do my best and work very hard to try and get the most out of it, so not much changes in that respect. I am especially looking forward to taking on this new challenge and seeing where my limits are and doing everything I can to push them. It will all be one step faster than at IP level. But since May, I have been able to train with my future team at STVV and get used to the level already. I also had some test sessions with some elite teams, which helps with the nerves :-).

School remains the most important thing, what would you like to study?

In September, I will be going to the first secondary school. So I will not only be taking a step up in football. Together with my parents, I remain very down-to-earth and I am aware that school is the surest way to a bright future. I will do everything to make it as far as possible in football, but I also realise that many feel called and few are chosen. That is why I want to work as hard at school as I do in goal. Moreover, a diploma and a football career can go hand in hand perfectly. I have chosen an ASO course and will start in September at the Hasselt gym.

What would you tell young players who are only now taking their first steps as goalkeepers?

First and foremost, that they should enjoy being a goalkeeper, and not be discouraged by any mistakes. It is a fact that a goalkeeper has less margin for error than a field player and that a mistake often results in a goal, but on the other hand a modern goalkeeper is often the most complete player on the pitch. He has to be good with his hands, with his feet, he has to have game insight and he has to be mentally strong. The fact that Donnarumma, as first goalkeeper, has been elected player of a European Championship is not only a reward for himself, but for all goalkeepers. It is a recognition of a position that was not always appreciated in the past.

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