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Femke Schamps

Current Team : Club Brugge
Previous Team : Dosko Beveren
Birthday : 16/01/2002

Why did you want to become a goalkeeper?

We all watch superheroes on TV almost every day when we are young. Then you start to dream about being a superhero one day. And who better than a superhero to be on the football pitch? Indeed as a goalkeeper you sometimes have the most important position on the field. Of course it is not like in the favourite youth series that you get to act as a superhero every episode. Over the years Femke Schamps found this out for herself, but in the meantime her love for goalkeeping was so great that she could not imagine any other position.

Which current goalkeeper do you prefer or is your big example?

Nowadays with the much bigger media attention, you also watch the men a lot and as a Belgian goalkeeper you are of course proud to see Thibaut Courtois at work. Not only one of our national heroes, but nice to see how he often works his way up from anti-hero to hero. It goes without saying that Femke Schamps looks up to goal women she meets almost every week in the Super League. If we look outside the borders for a moment, one of our Belgian women goalkeepers is Diede Lemey. Maybe less known to the general public because she is not active in our Belgian league but in Italy at U.S. Sassuolo.

As a girl, you play the first years between the boys, how did you experience that?

When you start playing football as a woman, you enter a bit of a new world. Fortunately, the idea of women’s football has changed a lot in recent years. Women’s football got more media attention, which not only makes it easier to find new talents in the future, but also means that you don’t get strange faces when someone asks you what your hobby is, but all in all, it turned out better than expected. The boys quickly take you into the team and of course they don’t want to be inferior to a girl. This makes you tougher as a girl and you can also learn a lot from them. So it is certainly not a bad experience for a girl to play between boys. It might even be a positive step in your growth process.

How to maintain your goalkeeper gloves?

Cleaning goalkeeper gloves seems to be a hell of a job for many goalkeepers. Femke Schamps must admit that too. Nevertheless, it’s not that big a job and you soon notice that the grip is better and will last longer. When you’ve cleaned them completely, it’s very important that you don’t let the gloves dry out completely, but keep them slightly moist. This way you prevent the latex from tearing and they stay nice and supple.

What are the most important features you look for in a goalkeeper’s glove?

Goalkeeper gloves are different for every goalkeeper. Therefore, it is important that you have gloves that you feel comfortable with as a goalkeeper. It gives you so much more confidence that you can make that one save that makes you the hero. One goalkeeper prefers a 3mm latex while the other goes for a 4mm latex. It doesn’t seem much, but this mm is a huge difference. That’s why Femke Schamps is very happy that we at Prostar only have goalkeeper gloves with the 4mm latex.

At the moment you’re working at Club Brugge, may we already know what next season will bring for you?

The atmosphere within the ladies of Club Brugge YLA is good, we have high ambitions, beautiful accommodation and much more. So next year we’ll be able to see Femke again on the fields of the Jan Breydel stadium.

What studies are you following and how important is school for you?

Studies are important to anybody. The places for players who can start a professional career are extremely limited. We also have to be honest and despite the fact that women’s football has gained media attention, it is still a lot harder to have a full professional career one day. Femke is now in her first year of higher education as a teacher of Lo and Br. So if it does not work out to become a professional, she will still have her daily sporting challenges (although they might be adolescents :-) )

Any advice you could give to young goalkeepers trying to break through?

I think it is important that you enjoy football. Always stay yourself, play your own game and work hard.

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