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Keep your condition up in times of the Corona virus

You might think I’ve trained so much this year and maybe we won’t even be allowed to play this year so let’s take a break and play on the playstation Fortnite or FIFA. Relaxation in these times is very important so we or your parents will not forbid you from playing on your game console during this period, but be sure to do it in moderation and give your eyes enough rest by distancing yourself from your TV or computer screen.

During these rest weeks it is wise to keep working on your fitness so that you don’t have to start all over again when you resume training. Nothing is more annoying than being completely sprinted out by your teammates. The best ways to keep in shape is by cycling, jogging and swimming. Swimming in particular is ideal for maintaining your condition, because you use a lot of muscles and call on your stamina.

Unfortunately swimming is not possible at the moment and we will have to make do with some cycling and jogging. Do this alone or with your brother and / or sister or parents so you do not come into contact with this Corona virus.

Don’t go too deep while walking. Again, our goal is to keep our condition up to standard, not to bring our condition to a peak. So make sure you can still talk to your parent(s), brother or sister while walking. This way you can be sure that you will not go too deep!

Work on your maturity (upper body)

Football is no longer just a game you play with your legs. Very literally, of course, this has always been true, because goalkeepers also play football with their arms. More and more people realise that football is not only about playing the game, but that there is also a physical aspect to it.

In addition to the fact that football is changing into a more physical game, you also benefit from training your upper body to prevent injuries. That is why it is certainly advisable to include the so-called ‘core-stability’ exercises in your daily activities. These exercises are aimed at strengthening your torso (core) as much as possible. Because your torso is connected to many other joints and muscles, the chance of injuries decreases considerably if your torso is properly trained. Injuries of the lower back, hamstrings and crotch and ankle ligaments are much less common with a well-trained torso. We give you some inspiration with core stability exercises to train your torso.

For the younger goalkeepers among us do this on your own body weight and don’t overload by wanting to train with extra weights!

Being a goalkeeper is a separate profession so a specific training is also important

Sprong oefening voor doelmannen

For goalkeepers the abdominal muscles and legs deserve special attention. As a goalkeeper, it is often falling and getting up and lying on the ground more often than the average fielder During diving and deposition, you frequently use your abdominal muscles. So make sure that you train your abdominal muscles well so that you don’t lie bent in your bed after every workout because of the abdominal pain.

The legs are also important tools for a goalkeeper. During a match, move, dive and kick a little. To be able to pick the balls out of the cross, it is therefore important that you have a good jumping power. You can increase your jumping power by, for example, jumping frogs, sinking as deep as possible and then jumping as high as possible In addition, it is also useful for a goalkeeper to practise a one-legged jump Try to jump as high as possible when dropping off one leg

If you are still looking for some inspiration, you can certainly visit youtube.

Make sure that the exercise is carried out correctly at all times. As with goalkeeping, the technique is much more important than just doing something.

Prepare the mind:

Mental preparation is often overlooked.  As goalkeepers, we want to think fast and act efficiently. This requires training and focus.

Practice Positivity. Negative energy brings us down and allows doubt and indecision.  Being positive is a learned skill just like diving.  Start by finding positive angles and results that you have already achieved this year and take them with you when the season resumes or to the next season. This will help you to believe in yourself and be a better teammate.

Positive images:  Stress is in many ways a reaction to a new and oppressive situation or environment.  Goalkeeper trainings are there to become familiar with techniques and situations such as diving, cruising, picking balls, etc…

The same goes for the mind. Imagine that you save a great goal attempt.  That makes it easier to go to that ball during the game and save it. Just because you’ve already made up your mind that you will save that ball.

We’ll give you another example, suggesting that you return a replay ball to your inferior foot and pass it correctly to a fellow player with your inferior foot.  If you imagine it that way, you can see yourself succeeding

Positive image training helps your brain to recognize that the decision or situation is not new, is not stressful and can be carried out without fear of failure. Just like this period is also a training for your brain, because if the corona virus isn’t there, we would all be playing soccer. So even here we train our brains to be able to continue without “soccer” these weeks.

This is a great time to learn.  Use the power of your short-term memory as a performance and learning tool. Write down mistakes and development opportunities.  Goalkeeper exercises you like.  Having a diary will help you remember how to overcome mistakes.

Do you have any ideas?

Do you have a fun exercise that you do to keep your condition on arrow or just a fun exercise that you want to share with others? Then feel free to do it using the comment form below or post it on instagram with @prostar_goalkeeping. Stay safe and far away from the corona virus!

Don't you have any inspiration? We have already made a 5 week schedule for you here

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