Arno De Smeth

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Arno De Smeth

Current club: RWDM
Previous Club: SK Halle-Pepingen
Birthday: 01/03/2005

How did you decide to play soccer, especially as a goalkeeper?

Arno De Smeth currently working as goalkeeper of the U15 at RDWM has gotten the football microbe at school. As with so many, the breaks are filled with a few soccer games, where Arno was always present. Because it was so much fun he had to make the proposal to his dad if he didn’t want to register him at a soccer club so that playing soccer wouldn’t be limited to the breaks at school.

Which goalkeepers do you admire?

Marc-André Ter alleys one of the great idols of Arno we obviously don’t have to explain completely anymore. This was also the idol of Seppe Van Maele of KV Ostend. Another idol of Arno is Jan Oblak. A name that hasn’t been used many times, but that doesn’t surprise us with him either. We see a bit the same type of goalkeeper in Arno as Oblak. Both have a nice stature which is nice as a goalkeeper, but also the technique, the concentration and especially reflexes certainly refer to each other.

How would you define yourself as a goalkeeper?

Coaching the word that many trainers and goalkeepers use during the annual evaluations. Many of us are often afraid to do this because they think they would say something wrong. Arno De Smeth tries to put this fear aside and help his defenders with coaching as much as possible. Of course, the ball stability he has helps a lot in the confidence he conveys to his teammates.

What do you think is the most important quality a goalkeeper should have?

As a goalkeeper, you should be focused all the time, as the opponent can kick at goal at any unexpected moment Even when you don’t expect it You often see that with younger goalkeepers, they do not adopt the right posture because they think the opponent cannot shoot at goal after all, but a good tip, always be prepared and assume that the opponent can shoot at goal from any position

Did you expect your career as a goalkeeper to be as it is at the moment?

Being a goalkeeper started as a hobby because I liked it at school, but because the training sessions are always fun and full of dedication Arno De Smeth has always been able to build up to this level step by step. And admit RWDM is currently playing at the 3rd highest level in Belgium (1st amateur). Who doesn’t dream of it?

How do you prepare yourself and your gloves for a competition?

Going to bed early the day before the race should be like this for all of us. This way you are not only more focused but it is also important to perform faster reflexes if necessary. By listening to the advice of the trainer and goalkeeper I try to adjust as much as possible through the overview I have on the game as a goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper’s gloves are always kept in a damp towel and before the game they are moistened to allow the pores to open for the best grip.

And how many gloves do you usually wear each year?

About 3 to 4 pairs per year

Which brands did you play with before you discovered Prostar?

Adidas is the brand of many big and famous goalkeepers. Not only at Neuer in Bayern or De Gea in Manchester United were the adidas gloves found, but also in the sports bag of Arno De Smeth.

Why did you start playing with ProStar or are you still playing with ProStar and didn’t you go back to a well known brand?

Often you go to buy gloves because you see your big idols playing with them and assume that they will be top of the range. This also usually translates into the price which is quite high when you have to have several pairs per year. After using the Prostar gloves I immediately noticed the super good grip they have and they are only half of many other brands for the same quality.

What is the hardest thing for a goalie?

As a goalkeeper you don’t just have to be able to grab balls, we all knew that. That we have to be able to handle a lot with our feet is nothing new under the sun, but as a goalkeeper you also have to cope with much more stress than a regular fielder. Every mistake you make as a goalkeeper is seen by everyone, so try to make the right decisions as much as possible. Preferably also if possible without too many risks.

Finally, what advice would you give a young goalkeeper?

Work hard, do a lot, believe in yourself and take good care of yourself.

The ability to often perform an incredible, seemingly impossible, reflex is what separates a good goalkeeper from a great goalkeeper. It is those sharp reflexes that enable goalkeepers to score points for their team over the course of a season. Do you want to be that goalkeeper and do you want to know how to improve them?

Reflexes of a goalkeeper, how can you improve them?

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